Smart Reminders

Feel the comfort of forgetting. Whatever matters to you, just send it to Forgetly.

It's easy and effective!

Send from your phone or browser, receive gentle reminders until completion.


How it works

Forgetly makes it easier to live in a world of information chaos.

Things you occasionally find out or stumble upon are easy to Forget. Found an interesting product? A 'must watch' movie? Or maybe you have an interesting idea? Don't you wish you could simply save it somewhere and make sure you follow it up later?

That's Forgetly.

Simply send something from your phone or browser.

What you send will be automatically emailed back to you in the future, then its up to you - follow up or Forget again! It's that easy. Minimal planning, maximum efficiency.



Gentle reminder system.

Receive an e-mail digest with reminders scheduled for each day. Open it or ignore it, Forgetly will try again some other time in the future... it's that easy and very powerful. You can forget about it and still get back to it at some point, nothing important will be lost.

Bookmarks on steroids.

It's easy to save bookmarks, but its even easier to Forget them. Thats why traditional bookmarks are not good enough. Forgetly makes your bookmarks come alive and reminds you about the sites you wanted to visit.

Intelligent features.

Forgetly automatically sets your reminder dates. It will never overload you with information. Forgetly automatically estimates the amount of time you will spend on each item, so you can see how much time is needed. No matter whether you have five minutes or two hours, you will easily find something to do.

Easy to use.

Just click on the 'Forgetly' button in your browser or simply SMS something from your phone. It's that easy.


Your email reminders will do their work. But you can also use the Forgetly dashboard to quickly search, filter and manage your content.


Did you know?

Forgetting is healthy.

Forgetting is part of healthy brain hygiene, but we force ourselves to remember and process more and more. There is always a limit to how much we can do. That's why it's so important to optimise the way we consume information. With Forgetly you can follow up on all those little interesting things you come across each day, without overloading your brain.

Procrastination - friend or enemy?

Have you ever spent hours just browsing the web, feeling guilty that you haven't done anything productive? You're not alone. In fact, this might mean you have too much on your plate. Procrastination helps to unwind and relax. But it's also dangerous because it stops you from doing something that actually matters, or meeting long term goals. With Forgetly you can keep eating the cake, yet still have it on your plate. Whenever you come across the 'must read this one day' thing, just save it to Forgetly and you will have much lower risk of losing the opportunity.


Forgetly "knows" what I'm interested in, whats more it knows how long it will take me to clear the backlog and serves me content in dozes, only when I have time for it...

Marcin P. private use

I got lost in amount of information and websites, which I wanted to visit and remember. Forgetly solves both problems for me.

Sylwia D. private use

I know I've read a lot of interesting stuff on internet - but now I dont even remeber what it was - so whats the point? I use Forgetly to regularly come back to information I want to sustain in my memory. It really helps me to learn without a hassle!

Slawek G. private use


Free or premium?

Go free or premium with few more extra options. Simple pricing. No surprises.

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